VyStar Member Complaints Filed with Florida Regulators, Request for Investigation

Image of a complaint filed with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation by a member of VyStar Credit Union.

VyStar Credit Union suffered a meltdown in its online and mobile banking platforms for several weeks after the Jacksonville, Fla.-based credit union attempted to switch to a new platform on May 13. As of June 5, most, if not all, systems are working again. , according to VyStar.

Since the outage began, several thousand of VyStar’s 822,000 members have shared their outrage on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, explaining how they couldn’t access their account information and worried about missed payments and deposits. .

On Friday, June 3, CU time received the first batch of complaints filed by VyStar members with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. While the NCUA has been notified of VyStar’s technical issues, the Florida Bureau of Financial Regulation has jurisdiction over the credit union in this case.

The initial request for information from state regulators by CU time covered dates between May 13 and May 23. Between May 18 and May 23, state regulators found 13 complaints filed by VyStar members about the outage of online and mobile banking. Complaints were filed via the regulator’s website, by email and one by fax. Portions of many complaints have been redacted to hide personal information from members’ accounts. CU time has not edited any part of the complaints posted below for style or spelling errors.

The general message of most complaints was that regulators need to investigate VyStar.

Complaint filed on May 19: “Hard to believe the state isn’t implicated in corporate incompetence at VyStar.

Now the state needs to know that its systems are down. Whatever information is available is debatable.

Even their own website says the transfers are questionable.

I’ve been in a position where you really don’t have any good news to tell people, so you don’t say anything. You can’t do that in a bank.

By the time this is settled, the sad thing is that nothing will happen to those responsible. The CEO is on vacation.

I wouldn’t want people to lose their jobs because of a few incompetent people, but something has to be done.

Complaint filed on May 20: “VyStar Online Banking has been unavailable to members for 7 days now, with no date given as to when the system should be live. VyStar Management has been vague and evasive with little to no accountability for the botched rollout of its new online banking system. They have become “dark”. We cannot see our [REDACTED] and are “promised” that our [REDACTED] are being processed. We’re told to call ‘Magic Touch’ or go to a branch to do business [REDACTED] would use ‘Magic Touch’ just to know what [REDACTED] are being processed but [REDACTED] as I don’t know about this outdated system, and when I press the option to talk to someone, the recording says the call volume is so high that he can’t pick up the call and try again later. Again, we are on day 7 now with little to no communication as to when this will be resolved. It is not fair. Can anyone please look into this issue? Thanks.”

Image of a complaint filed with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation by a member of VyStar Credit Union. Image of a complaint filed with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation by a member of VyStar Credit Union.

Complaint filed on May 23: “VyStar has been disconnected from its online and mobile services for over two weeks. This has not allowed the company to have adequate member access to their banking services. VyStar has had little to no direct communication with its members and members are leaving the company. VyStar has continued to keep its members in the dark through their ability to update and maintain a secure and up-to-date online presence for members. Please investigate VyStar for its incompetence to ensure the security and good reputation of its members’ data.

Part of the complaint filed on May 19: “Access to fund information online is uneven and when it does I cannot trust [REDACTED] they give because they differ each time and the current data regarding [REDACTED] is not available. This is totally and utterly unacceptable and Vystar should be shut down immediately and its files audited. This is truly a catastrophic failure in the age of technology, I will be [REDACTED] once I checked if they are even close to correct and [REDACTED].”

Complaint filed on May 20: “This credit union’s inability to provide service online or over the phone for 7 days should be investigated. For people who live remotely, there is no way to make deposits , pay bills, mortgage payments, etc.

Part of the complaint filed on May 22: “VyStar online banking has been down for over a week and customers [REDACTED] have online banking and online bill and rental payments to make.

According to the schedule presented by VyStar, the systems were down from May 13 to May 24. Between May 24 and June 5, elements of the new banking system were working, but due to the influx of members trying to access their accounts, the Credit Union reported slow response times and members said they were waiting in a virtual line with thousands of others to enter the system. As of June 5, a statement from VyStar on its website stated that “transfers between VyStar accounts are now available online” and “scheduled daily maintenance from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. EST when system access may be unavailable” .

CU time repeatedly requested interviews with VyStar executives and board members. Interview requests were not granted.

On May 19 and 20, Joel Swanson, Chief Member Experience Officer of VyStar, posted videos with updates for members. After credit union members and local media questioned why Chairman/CEO Brian Wolfburg was not addressing the issue, it was revealed that Wolfburg was on vacation for at least the first few days of the outage.

While several members posted on social media that they had closed their accounts with VyStar and moved to another bank or credit union, it is unclear how many or if members have actually left VyStar.

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