The ERASE project can help Evanston tenants seal evictions and improve their credit scores


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The Moran Center for Youth Advocacy recently announced a new program to help residents of Evanston and surrounding areas benefit from a new Illinois law that allows them to remove previous evictions from their records.

Residents of Evanston who wish to take advantage of Improved Registration and Seal Evictions, or the ERASE Project, are invited to attend and meet with volunteer lawyers from the School Civil Legal Clinic at the Moran Center office in Evanston Plaza, 1900 A. Dempster St .., 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. every Tuesday in October. Evanston residents who are not available during sealing clinic hours can book an in-person or virtual appointment by emailing [email protected] or calling ( 224) 714-0348.

As many tenants know, having an eviction on file, even if there has been no judgment against them, can make it more difficult to relocate by lowering their credit rating and giving a unfair image of their ability to pay rent.

A new Illinois law, 735 ILCS 5 / 9-121.5, which came into effect in May of this year, makes it easier to seal a previous eviction case. It doesn’t prohibit landlords from getting a reference from a previous landlord, but sealing an eviction can improve a credit score and make it easier to apply for a new rental agreement. It is not for tenants with an eviction in progress.

Thanks to the ERASE project, lawyers at the Moran Center will prepare the necessary documents free of charge on behalf of residents who wish to benefit from this law. The Moran Center has partnered up and will refer tenants, where appropriate, to the Lawyer’s Committee For Better Housing, which helps residents who live outside of the Evanston area.

The ERASE project is one of the Moran Center’s many programs that help remove systemic barriers to the health, safety and well-being of youth and their families. One of the only legal clinics in the country to combine legal and social services, the Moran Center provides community legal, social and restorative services to youth and families. Those interested in supporting the organization can participate in the $ 40 for 40 fundraising campaign to be held in October to support the organization’s mission and vision.

Since its founding in 1981, the Moran Center has been a champion for thousands of low-income youth and families in need of an advocate. Our holistic, healing-centered, and client-centered approach helps us advance the vision of a more just, racially equitable and restorative society at the local, regional and state levels. For more information, please visit our website at

Source: Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

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