Save $ 15 + on Thanksgiving Dinner With These Credit Card Tips

Between record high inflation and lingering supply chain issues, everything is more expensive these days, including your Thanksgiving dinner. The Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving survey found that the cost of a turkey day treat for 10 people jumped $ 6.41 or 14% year-over-year to $ 53.31. The price of turkeys jumped 24% per pound from last year.

Of course, that’s just the baseline. If you add extras, like a free-range turkey or prepared sides, expect to pay even more. And if you want to avoid the hassle of the grocery store with a delivery service, your costs could skyrocket.

No matter how much you spend on Thanksgiving, your trusted credit cards can help. With the right mix of rewards and offers, you could easily save a few bucks on your Thanksgiving spending.

Save up to 6% on food with shopping rewards

Whether you’re feeding the whole family or just picking up the pies, rewards from buying your credit card can help save you money. The key, however, is to make sure you’re using the right card for the job.

A good grocery rewards credit card will provide the best returns for most people. The best cash back grocery cards offer up to 6% cash back.

On the reward point side, you can earn up to 4 points per dollar of groceries with the right card. When redeemed for travel, these points can be worth $ 0.02 to $ 0.04 or more.

One thing to keep in mind is that most grocery cards only save you money at grocery stores. If you’re making your holiday meal at your local wholesale or big box store, you’ll need a different card.

But if so, you’re in luck. Most cards with rotating bonus categories include at least one big box store this quarter. If you like to buy in bulk, you can find several popular rewards cards that will offer bonus rewards on your warehouse store purchases.

All in all, shopping rewards can mean a return of $ 3 to $ 8 on a basic Thanksgiving meal, and more if you do all you can.

Avoid the chaos of the grocery store with offers from issuers

Throwing a Turkey party is job. And we’re not just talking about meal preparation. There’s also the grocery store chaos, as everyone across your town seems to be shopping at the same time. If you’ve ever missed a crucial ingredient the day before, hopefully you enjoy the long lines and limited parking.

Fortunately, your cards can help save you time and money with the right issuer agreement. Many popular credit card issuers have offers or savings portals full of useful coupons and additional rewards.

For example, if you want your groceries brought to you, look for a discount on grocery delivery subscriptions. Since the fee per delivery can range from $ 5 to $ 10 or more, it can be a huge savings, both for Thanksgiving and beyond.

Taking the delivery service a step further, you might want to check out a new meal delivery box for your turkey day needs. They can take all the guesswork out of a great meal by delivering everything you need (including step-by-step instructions) right to your door. Your credit card issuer probably has an offer to help you save a lot on your meal.

Perhaps the best part about all of these credit card savings is that they can stack with any other savings you find. Got a coupon from the newspaper? Does your store have a one-time purchase that is hard to beat? Great! Take advantage of all of these offers and earn credit card rewards on top of it all.

There are a lot of things to do to make a perfect Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean it has to Cost a lot. You can fight the rising prices by smartly using your favorite rewards cards. And additional savings is something we can all be thankful for this year.

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