PeerBerry repays additional 1.8 million euros in war-affected loans

European peer-to-peer lending platform PeerBerry has repaid a further €1.8m (£1.58m) in war-affected loans, meaning more than half of all outstanding loans from Ukraine and Russia have now been repaid.

In the nine months since Russia invaded Ukraine, PeerBerry has repaid 27.02 million euros to investors. This represents 54% of the total war-affected loans on the platform.

Of this amount, €16.97 million was recovered from its Ukrainian loan partners and €8.25 million was repaid by the platform’s Russian loan partners.

PeerBerry works with a number of loan originators across Europe to offer short-term, long-term, commercial, real estate and leasing finance products.

Nearly €1.5 billion has been lent through the platform to date, with investors earning average returns of 11.1%.

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PeerBerry noted that long-term loans from Ukrainian originators AutoMoney and Slon Credit are repaid with accrued interest.

The platform also reported that many commercial, real estate and leasing loans affected by the war have already been fully repaid.

“You can see the progress of repayments of war-affected loans (the total amount repaid, the amount of remaining war-affected bonds, and repayments by separate lenders or groups) on our ‘Statistics’ page on our website. “said PeerBerry, in a note to investors.

“Repayments of war-affected loans are made monthly in the middle of the month.”

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