Now that Christmas is over, what’s next for your living tree?

AMMON, Idaho (KIFI) – Another Christmas has passed, and if you have a living Christmas tree in your house, the question becomes what to do with it? From Sunday December 26 until just before the bonfire is lit at 6:00 p.m. on January 22.

Ammon is planning his next city sponsored event. The bonfire will be on the south side of McCowin Park. Randall Miller, the city’s parks and recreation coordinator, said, “We have banners here, a credit union and they sponsor the event. We are grateful for their help. And yes, you can’t miss it. look for the big pile of trees. We’re off to a good start. “

Miller says to make sure the tree is no longer decorated before placing it on the pile. He also says the bonfire will have vendors with goodies and prizes as well as a DJ playing music. He encouraged everyone in the area to drop their tree to make the fire as big as possible and fun for everyone.

The McCowin Park Repository isn’t the only living Christmas tree repository in the southeastern Idaho area.

In Idaho Falls, you can get to these places:

Football grounds parking lot off Old Butte Road

Washburn Avenue and Michael Street (Reinhart Park)

Fremont Avenue (by recycling bin north of the Science Center)

W. Elva Street (Melaleuca Field parking lot)

N. Water Avenue & Chestnut Street (corner NE)

L. 13e Street and avenue N. Place

tene Emerson Street and Avenue

17e Emerson Street and Avenue

Boulevard S. and rue Rogers

Bennett Avenue and Waid Street

Sunnyside Park (near Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center – SE corner)

South of 1st Street (west side of Meppen)

Sykes Drive and Davidson Drive

Avenue Ashment & 12e Street

Russet Street and Lincoln Drive.

In Rigby:

City officials say you can take him to the INL parking lot near the schools on Highway 48.

and in Rexburg:

City officials say you should place your tree on the side of the street or somewhere near the entrance to your apartment. They will be collected the week following New Year’s Day.

For more information on where to place your old living Christmas tree you can go here.

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