Maine Credit Union League to teach money management to students

The Maine Credit Union League has announced that it will teach financial education classes to elementary school students in the state.

MAINE, USA – Students will not be in class for the next few days during the Christmas and New Year school holidays. When they return in 2022, they might start educating themselves about money management.

the Maine League of Credit Unions announced the launch of a new program to educate kindergarten and elementary school students about money, its purpose, the difference between goods and services, the benefits of saving, and more.

Jake Holmes is the Financial Literacy Outreach Coordinator for the MCUL and the idea for the program. He said breaking the stigma surrounding conversations about money was one of the motivations for creating the opportunity.

The MCUL trained 68,000 high school students in financial best practices, but Holmes wanted to target the younger ones with this program.

“He’s never too young to talk about finances,” said Holmes. “Elementary lesson plans cover the basic concept of what money is and what it is for.”

He said each lesson will take students about an hour, but it’s practical and engaging.

Holmes added that lessons don’t have to end when students leave the classroom. He said everyone The “Money Book” plan will feature a code that parents can scan with their phones to find ways to continue educating their children about finances.

“They can take advice on talking to their kids about money and continue these conversations at home and break the stigma of talking about money because it is extremely important,” he added.

Schools can contact the MCUL or their local credit union to learn more about the program and request a lesson for one of their classes.


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