Loans for pensioners in the “Mail Bank” – conditions

Caring for retirees and financial assistance to this category of the population is one of the priority objectives of the Bank . Thanks to close cooperation with the group of companies, points for the provision of financial services to the population within the framework of a special project were organized on the basis of Russian . A loan for pensioners at the Bank is issued on special terms designed for the opportunities and needs of persons of mature age.

The offer is especially convenient and beneficial for those who regularly visit their office, as there will be no problems with the registration or with the further servicing of the loan. To assess the profitability of lending in the Bank for pensioners, it is enough to contact the nearest branch of the bank and at any convenient time to obtain detailed information on the currently available terms of cooperation.

Lending terms

Lending terms


Especially for retirees, 2 banking products have been developed, allowing to issue a loan on favorable terms. For those whose pension is credited to the Bank account, the rules on how to get a loan are the most loyal. Unlike many Russian banks, consumer loans to pensioners are issued at Bank with virtually no restrictions.

Since any person who has a pension certificate can take out a loan in connection with reaching a certain age, everyone chooses the most appropriate way to apply to the lender:

  • send an online loan application to Mail Bank from the official portal of the organization;
  • personally visit the service center, located on the basis of the nearest office;
  • approach an employee who works at points of sale of organizations cooperating with the bank.

To get an answer on an application from Bank for a loan, retirees need to perform the simplest actions:

  1. Come to the service center or go to the sales counter on the territory of the partner organization. You should have a passport and a device for mobile communication.
  2. The employee, sending a preliminary request, will report on the decision taken by the bank. The time for consideration of the application does not take much time, it can happen within an hour or at the latest – the next day.
  3. After a positive response from the bank, a savings account is opened and the plastic of the Visa payment system is issued.
  4. Upon processing a loan, a citizen can use cash by withdrawing the required amount from an ATM, or pay in a cashless way using a card.

Documents for lending


When submitting the application to the Bank employee for a cash loan, the following documents will be required:

  1. Application (the form is taken at the office, at the location of the point of sale or via the Internet, by downloading the necessary form from the site).
  2. Passport.
  3. Certificate of SNILS.
  4. The document on registration as a taxpayer.

All documents from the list should be in every citizen, so there will be no problems with collecting papers for contacting the bank – even if a loan is issued for a non-working pensioner.

Issuance of credit

Issuance of credit



Many pensioners have become accustomed to a non-cash payment method not only in stores, but also when committing utility payments, transfers, etc. Thus, all major credit card transactions are carried out freely. However, sometimes the borrower needs cash (by virtue of habit or for cash payments, where a non-cash option is not provided).

The advantages of credit cards of Bank of the Bank include the following characteristics:

  1. Free emission plastic.
  2. Extensive cash withdrawal options at ATMs of the bank and third parties. When withdrawing via the Bank devices, cash withdrawal is free. When using other ATMs, the commission is equal to 1.0% of the withdrawn amount.
  3. Convenient payment for purchases in stores, other places of trade or the provision of services equipped with terminals. When calculating in a cashless way, there are no additional fees.
  4. Easy payments in the Internet space – payment for goods of online stores, services of organizations, other non-cash payments.

At the bank’s cash desk at the Russian Office, loans for pensioners are received not only through an ATM, but also in cash through a cash desk. A distinctive feature is the absence of additional charges when cashing in any of the most convenient ways.

Pensionable programs



Mail Bank is one of the most convenient ways to get a loan, the most loyal to the retired borrowers. Anyone who applies can use consumer credit programs, car loans, loans for educational purposes, issue of a credit card for convenient settlements in a cashless way.

Pension programs will allow the bank to receive money on the following conditions:

  1. The minimum amount is from 20 thousand rubles.
  2. The maximum amount is 150 thousand rubles.
  3. The term of the loan agreement is up to three years.
  4. Notification of the decision taken by the bank comes to the SMS at the phone number specified by the pensioner in the questionnaire.
  5. The maximum age of the borrower does not exceed 80 years.

Based on his needs, a citizen chooses one of the preferential loan options for the Bank.

The name of the program For whom Limit of funds, thousand rubles Term, years Rate,% per annum
Preferential special For pensioners who have opened an account to receive pension contributions. The borrower can be a retired man not older than 75 years or a woman younger than 80 years 20-150 1-3 From 16.9
Preferential (standard offer) Every pensioner in the Russian Federation, subject to the age limit (a man is up to 75 years old, a woman is up to 80 years old) 20-150 1-3 From 19.9

In addition to specialized programs for retirees, the bank provides an opportunity to apply for a loan on general credit terms. Thanks to the First loan, many Russian pensioners took out loans in the amount of 50 thousand rubles to 1 million. However, to get a loan, the age of citizens receiving a pension should be no more than 70 years for women, younger than 65 years – for men.

Options and extras

Options and extras



As part of the customer service of its borrowers, Mail Bank provides opportunities to reduce loan overpayment and make payments more comfortable and affordable.

Guaranteed rate

Guaranteed rate

This option is designed to reduce the cost of servicing borrowed funds. However, the service is offered only to bona fide payers who regularly make payments under the loan agreement.

If the entire loan is repaid within 1 year, at the rate of overpayment at the credit rate specified in the documents, after the full closure of the credit line, a portion of the amount paid will be returned to the pensioner. The amount of the refund to the client’s account in the bank is equal to the difference between payments based on the standard interest rate and the lower (preferential) interest.

Useful Services


The following three options are designed to make the monthly payments most comfortable for the payer:

  1. “Change the date of payment” – the function involves changing the date of the monthly installment to repay the debt to the borrower. The service is used no more than 1 time during the year.
  2. “Auto repayment” – the option will help to set up automatic repayment of the loan. On the date specified by the borrower, the required amount will be debited from the account – without the need to visit the bank’s office.
  3. “Reducing the payment” – allows you to reduce the amount of payments for the month, but this free adjustment is carried out once for the entire loan period.

Refinancing other loans

Refinancing other loans


A loan taken at another bank at a higher interest rate is closed using a refinancing service from Bank.

Lending occurs on favorable terms, allowing:

  • reduce the financial burden of monthly repayment;
  • due to the amount exceeding the size of the debt of the current loan of another bank, the pensioner receives additional cash, if they feel the need;
  • in the presence of several credits the Bank will give the required amount by combining the amounts of debts in different banks into one loan for refinancing.

A person receiving a pension is entitled to apply for refinancing of a car loan, consumer loan, if the following conditions are met:

  1. No overdue current loans.
  2. During the last half of the year no delay was allowed.
  3. The loan was issued more than six months ago.
  4. The term remaining until full repayment exceeds 3 months.
  5. The loan, which is subject to refinancing, was not received in the credit structures operating under the loan brand.
  6. The loan was taken in rubles the amount of not more than 150 thousand.

If the pensioner is faced with an urgent need for an expensive purchase, the right thing will be to contact the nearest office. Bank employee will share information on how to apply for a pensioner loan. If you apply for a preferential loan to the Bank specialist, he will be able to give exhaustive information about the most profitable option to receive and repay the loan.

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