Letter: Forgiving Student Loans

By Rick Garner

Updated: 26 a few minutes ago Published: 26 a few minutes ago

Is this a welcome boon or another brick in the wall of socialism?

Presumably, everyone who took out a loan did so by voluntarily signing a pledge to repay it eventually. With loan forgiveness, that promise means nothing to those whose debt is forgiven. This mocks the concept of covenant, so I’m guessing next we’ll see requests for general releases from house, car, and other debts?

What about all those honorable citizens who have already paid off their own student debt? Should they now be expected, as taxpayers, to assume the obligation of those who receive relief? In the current climate of social activism, I believe that a significant portion of the population has forgotten that the money our government spends so freely is not earned by the government but represents the effort of our citizens. and businesses.

If student debt cancellation really happens, how about giving those who have already repaid their loans an offsetting tax credit?

You and I can’t legally buy votes, but our federal government doesn’t seem obligated to that same concept.

—Rick Garner


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