Higher Education Servicing Corporation (HESC) Offers New Parental Loan Program with Additional Credit in Texas | Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Higher Education Servicing Corporation (HESC) is delighted to announce the launch of its newest private education loan product, the Texas Extra Credit Parent Loan.

“At HESC, we are committed to helping Texas students and families pursue and obtain higher education.

The Texas Extra Credit Parent Loan is designed to give parents, family members, or other creditworthy individuals the opportunity to borrow funds on behalf of a student to help pay their tuition fees when the scholarships, grants and other financial aids are not enough.

The Texas Extra Credit Parent Loan is available to eligible borrowers who are permanent residents of Texas and offers low fixed interest rates ranging from 3.56% (with our automatic payment discount) to 7.60% APR – rates depend on borrower’s credit profile and repayment option / term selected (see www.TexasExtraCredit.com for more details).

Additional features of the program include: fast, no-cost online application, no setup fees, no out-of-pocket fees, 10 or 15 year repayment term, choice of three repayment options, and the interest rate benefit. Fixed interest that translates into predictable and regular monthly payments for the life of the loan.

“At HESC, we are committed to helping Texas students and families pursue and obtain higher education. We believe the Texas Extra Credit Parent Loan is a great option for parents or guardians who wish to be actively involved in supporting the education funding needs of their students, ”said Philippe Wambsganss, executive director of HESC.

About HESC

Higher Education Servicing Corporation (HESC) has been operating as a federal and private student loan manager since its inception in 1978. As a Texas-private non-profit organization, HESC was created to ensure Texas students and families have access to low cost student loans in order to pursue higher education. In addition to providing and managing student loans, HESC, through the work of its outreach division – “inspirED”, administers educational outreach activities and partners with other organizations to promote a college and career-oriented culture to help and encourage Texas students to access higher education.

For more information on HESC, visit hescloans.com.

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