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Brown responds to criticism of Graham’s child tax credit

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham last week criticized the Child Tax Credit, claiming he was causing illegal immigration – the idea being that the word will be spread to other countries that if people can get to the United States, they will get free money for their children.

Of course, that’s not what happens, because unauthorized immigrant children would not be eligible for the child tax credit. (There is another argument about what actually drives people to immigrate, but in general it’s not for welfare benefits and the vast majority of immigrants work incredibly hard to make a prosperous new life in their new country – research shows that immigrants as a whole have a major positive advantage on the economy).

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown spoke to Insider about Graham’s comments and said, “It’s a new argument just so they can give tax cuts to the rich and squeeze working families. I have never heard of such a stupid thing.

Research shows that not only the first month of July payments keep 3 million children out of poverty and help feed 2 million children, analysis shows the payments also had “very small” impacts on employment, indicating that the tax credit does not encourage parents not to return to work .

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