Fiber Federal Credit Union supports hospitals and colleges through the Communities First program

As part of Fiber Federal Credit Union’s Communities First program, Lower Columbia College’s Professional Construction Equipment Fund recently received a donation. Pictured left are Heather Snyder, assistant vice president of marketing and community development at FFCU; Kendra Sprague, LCC Foundation Vice President, Human Resources and Legal Affairs; Bailey Roberts, FFCU Community Engagement and Education Coordinator; and Crystal Garrison, FFCU’s Marketing and Community Development Manager.

Fiber Federal Credit Union, contributed

Lower Columbia College’s New Professional Construction Equipment Fund is a 2022 recipient of Fiber Federal Credit Union‘s Communities First program. The building will be used by students pursuing careers in information technology, machinery trades, welding and manufacturing, as well as students enrolled in bridging studies, according to a press release from the credit union. popular.

The credit union is continuing multi-year sponsorship of select community colleges and hospitals in the 11 Washington and Oregon counties it serves, according to the press release.

The FFCU places a high priority on supporting services related to education and health care in all of its communities. As a result, this mission became the Community First program in 2018.

Since its inception, the credit union has donated $145,000 to Communities First grantees, including eight hospital foundations and four community college foundations. One of the beneficiaries of the Communities First program is the Lower Columbia College Foundation.

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