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Morning Paper/Danielle Garner Buckeye State Credit Union vice president and retail manager Dan Perry watches as a group of students draft in the gymnasium at Crestview Middle School Thursday afternoon.

NEW WATERFORD – Sixth graders gathered in the gymnasium at Crestview Middle School last week for a celebration of learning for the Silver Apple project. Crestview has partnered with Buckeye State Credit Union to engage students in planning to build a branch in Columbiana County.

“It’s the meeting of the business-school partnership” said Allison Lemaster, principal of Crestview Middle School. The students were introduced to the challenge six weeks ago and tasked with finding a property and designing a building.

A portion of the event is filmed and will be submitted to qualify for a Samsung Grant, Samsung’s initiative to support digital education and provide digital education solutions for classrooms.

The students researched the property as well as zoning, profitability, commercial land, and the environmental impacts of construction.

According to Lemaster, the students assessed the impacts on the ecosystem and green spaces around the chosen property.

Jeff Gill from the Columbiana County Educational Services Center staff came over and taught the Tinkercad students.

“It’s so important to start early” Silver Apple’s Tony Miranda said. “We want to help people invest time now in finding out what their purpose in life is…we want to develop that through practical application.”

Eight Buckeye State Credit Union representatives were on hand to judge the students on their projects. The judges gave their opinion on the models, the location and the environmental friendliness.

Students conducted independent research and worked in groups to complete tasks involving zoning laws, ratios, area and perimeter measurements, persuasion, and geography.

“In other classes you usually work alone or with the teacher to get the answers, but with this we worked as a group and we didn’t have much to do other than the websites they gave us. gave away and we had to do some research to see all the stuff,” said sixth grader Aiden Forinash. Forinash said the group was looking for a lot, including floodplains and accessibility to major roads.

“You can physically do things like on a computer. You can see it visually and all that,” said sixth grader Levi Coppersmith.

Forinash said he learned a lot about compromise and communicating with his team members.

Lemaster was impressed to see the students learn to use 3D software in a short time and to apply the software ambitiously the next day.

“They just jumped in and I think seeing these kids take that chance and not be afraid of new software and go out on a limb is wonderful to see.” she says.

Miranda recognized Crestview School District as the only school district working with Silver Apple to engage K-12 students with five industries.

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