COVID relief is in the “cards”! Town & Country FCU awards 500th gift card to support local businesses in Cumberland and York County

SCARBOROUGH — When the pandemic became official in March 2020 and closures hit local businesses extremely hard, Town & Country Federal Credit Union was one of the first organizations to embark on an effort to support local restaurants and businesses. The credit union launched its “Local Helping Local” initiative just days after the declaration of the pandemic in mid-March 2020 and therefore launched an ongoing effort to purchase gift cards to support businesses headquartered in Cumberland and York counties. On Thursday, March 31, the credit union presented its 500th gift card, worth $500, to a lucky member randomly selected from hundreds of posts on the credit union’s social media pages. The lucky recipient is Angi Hoffer, who chose a long-time family sandwich shop, Moran’s Market in Portland.

David Libby, President and CEO of Town & Country, explained that “local helping local” is an outgrowth of the credit union‘s longstanding commitment and support to not only help its 40,000 members with financial solutions, but “also as a local partner to make a difference in the communities we serve. Libby added that asking members to highlight local businesses important to them and their communities through the credit union’s social media channels has highlighted “thousands of local businesses and more than 25 $000 in gift cards given to 500 of these businesses.”

Jon Paradise, senior vice president of communications, marketing and community outreach at the credit union, said: “While this initiative was initially intended to support local restaurants, as the pandemic unfolds continued, we recognized that the need extended far beyond just local restaurants. Over time, “local helping local” has grown to include gift shops, hair salons, hardware stores, bakeries, specialty stores, entertainment-themed businesses, such as golf courses miniatures, cafes and more, representing the communities of Cumberland York. counties. This initiative also allowed our members to participate in the determination of local businesses to support. We knew local businesses were important to our community before the pandemic, but I think the possibility that a favorite restaurant or business might not survive without support was a catalyst that prompted many members to respond. It was encouraging to see such a level of commitment that the awarding of gift cards to local businesses caught the attention of the community. »

In addition to handing out gift cards, Town & Country has also been a leader in helping those financially impacted as a result of the pandemic, including being the first financial institution in Maine to create a Case Assistance Loan. crisis to help members in financial difficulty, deferred thousands of loans, specialized financial wellness programs and communications, and a variety of other efforts. “As we have throughout our history, Town & Country is dedicated to helping our members and communities in good times and, as has been the case for many over the past two years, in difficult times. It’s who we are and what we do.

Both Paradise and Libby said that the second anniversary of “Local Helping Local” is not the end but just the beginning. “We will continue to help local people and local communities and look for ways to make a difference through our ‘Local Helping Local’ initiative with financial challenges and other areas of the community in need of support.”

As the second largest credit union in Maine with 40,000 members, Town & Country is a full-service financial institution offering a wide range of financial products and services to people who live, work, go to school or pray in Cumberland and York counties. Named one of Maine’s ‘Best Credit Unions’ by Forbes in 2021 and 2020, the credit union has $520 million in assets and is part of the second-largest branch network in the nation. To learn more, visit

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