Caisse populaire Jannou scholarship ceremony

Twenty-two of St. Lucia’s brightest minds were part of the Jannou Credit Union Scholarship Program. The inaugural CPEA scholarship award ceremony took place at the Administrative Finance Center, located in Pointe Séraphine, on Monday, February 22, 2022.

This program, which began in 1980, is an integral part of Jannou’s Cooperating Social Responsibility. To date, more than a thousand students have benefited from the program. Jannou Credit Union has budgeted $150,000 annually for the past 40 years to create scholarship and scholarship opportunities.

According to the President, Mrs. Junia Emmanuel-Belizaire, all students deserve an opportunity to access secondary education and, as an institution, Jannou understands the relief that scholarships bring to parents. Ms. Belizaire also explained that the selection process was difficult for the Committee.

The final selection of winners’ scores ranged from 92.4% to 97%. A total of 10 scholarships and 12 grants were awarded to students. All scholarship recipients have demonstrated academic excellence and will be supported throughout their five years of secondary school. Students have been reminded to maintain the agreed GPA to continue to benefit from this facility.

Guest speaker, Ms. Cheyenne Quinlan, former scholarship recipient, delivered an inspiring message to the students. Ms. Quinlan, who is now an employee of Jannou Credit Union, shared her journey from a SOCA account holder to her current position as Loans Officer. Ms Quinlan told the winners: “You have more influence than you think, and with a positive mindset the impossible is possible”. Students were challenged to join clubs, participate in sports, start their own business, or be leaders in their communities.

Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Dayne Emmanuel, gave the closing speech in which she encouraged the students to “continue this unwavering journey of increase, progress and non-regression”. She also congratulated the winners on behalf of the board, management and staff.


Jason HM Taylor

Layla M Samuel

Jaelyn A Henry

Thandi S Wilson

Tiffany S Jn Jacques

Giana N. Gilbert

Keril T. Tobias

Collin AL Mathurin

Joshua Ermay

Alexia Charles

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