Big Grove Brewery and Green State Credit Union Create Beer to Improve Water Quality in Iowa


The two companies created a beer, Greener State of Mind, to donate funds to the Iowa Environmental Council to improve Iowa’s waterways.

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A packet of Big Grove’s latest drink, “Greener State of Mind,” is shown at Big Grove in Iowa City, IA on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

Big Grove partnered with Green State Credit Union to create a beer that would give back to the state in an influential way.

All proceeds raised by the beer, named “Greener State of Mind,” will be donated to the Iowa Environmental Council to help protect Iowa’s waterways.

Showcasing graphics of the Iowa rivers and the Green State Credit Union tree logo, the beer features citrus flavors brewed alongside simcoe, citra, and amarillo hops.

Green State Credit Union public relations director Tara Wachendorf said the credit union approached Big Grove Brewery earlier this year with the idea of ​​creating a beer and donating the proceeds to a charity. charity that matched their environmental values.

Wachendorf said the credit union wanted to do something unique that would give back to the entire state, not just the local community. The credit union decided to create a beer because it was something new and unique, and it had never been done by a credit union before, she said.

“Beer drinkers might never have thought that a credit union would be associated with a beer,” Wachendorf said.

Big Grove Brewery brand marketing director Janelle Buxton said the Green State Credit Union is an ideal partner for the brewery, as both have the same values ​​and goals of helping to improve the quality of the brewery. state water.

“It’s about humans being better humans to each other, that’s what we like to say and how we can be part of it,” Buxton said.

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Because the beer recently sold out after being on the shelves for a month, the official amount of money raised has yet to be released, but Big Grove Brewery is optimistic that the amount raised is around $ 25,000. , said Buxton. Grocery stores and liquor stores next to the brewery started selling beer around mid-October.

The Iowa Environmental Council, an organization that works to improve the state’s environmental concerns, will use the funds to improve Iowa’s waterways, one of the council’s top environmental concerns.

Iowa Environmental Council executive director Brian Campbell said the council was excited about the beer because it showcases Iowa’s rivers and what the council is trying to do to protect them.

Campbell called Greener State of Mind beer a “generous project” from the Green State Credit Union and the Big Grove Brewery.

“We will use this [money] to support our work, which is truly focused on clean air, clean water and a healthy environment, ”said Campbell.

Wachendorf said the credit union and brewery would like to continue partnering in the future to produce this beer and donate the profits to a different charity each year, but nothing has been finalized yet.

“Greener State of Mind beer is really making an impact in a number of ways,” she said. “It’s not just the name of a beer; this beer obviously gives back to the community.

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