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SOUTH BEND, Indiana, July 12. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aunalytics, a leading data platform company providing insights as a service for midsize businesses, today announced a new set of pre-built dashboards that increase the value provided by the company’s Daybreak™ for Financial Services solution. Daybreak dashboards are designed to deliver actionable insights and business results by revealing opportunities associated with customer, competitive, marketing, loan and branch data and automatically presenting the data in an easily understandable way , with no manual process required.

Customer intelligence and one-to-one marketing in a digital world are more important than ever, especially for midsize banks that have traditionally relied on hometown white-glove service to win customers. With Aunalytics Daybreak for Financial Services, mid-sized financial institutions can target the market more effectively, reach high-value customers with the right product offering, and win business from competitors to increase value. With the new Daybreak dashboards, middle market banks and credit unions can gain greater visibility into their data and identify more opportunities to strengthen their position in regional markets and be more competitive.

The Daybreak for Financial Services cloud-native data platform integrates and cleanses data for accuracy and leverages transactional data daily with AI-powered algorithms for customer intelligence and timely actionable insights that drive strategic value.

The new Daybreak Dashboards include:

Customer profile – This dashboard provides an enriched profile of individual customers, powered by AI insights that provide insight into future customer growth beyond simple aggregations and reporting from the past. The Customer Profile provides a 360-degree view of each customer, including analysis of data integrated from multiple sources across the organization, and extracted daily for timely new insights that can be reviewed. ‘to act. Banks can identify which accounts a customer has with competitors in order to make a more attractive offer to win their business and increase customer value. They can also determine the next best product offering for customers today, based on their transactional behavior, and gain a better understanding of the customers and branches they use, beyond the originating branch.

Competitor payments – Competitor Payments reveals information for every customer, every competitor, and type of financial product. The dashboard tracks competitors’ payments by amount and how long they’ve been happening so a banker or credit union can determine when customers or members are likely to seek out a new product and then create better ones. offers accordingly. Competitor payments can explore credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and investment products to identify a more competitive offer and use the segmented customer list dashboard to target them. By using targeted competitive offers made to the right customers at the right time, banks can effectively increase customer value to increase net deposits.

Retail KPIs – Retail KPIs (key performance indicators) help banks increase total deposits and accounts, and identify opportunities and growth potential. The dashboard provides key performance metrics for retail managers to understand the drivers of their account and deposit growth. It allows them to analyze deposits and balances over time and understand growth trends. It also provides data on the overall performance of the institution, as well as detailed performance for each region, branch, market, product type and individual product in order to identify growth opportunities and understand which branches are growing. origin of change.

Lending KPI – The Lending KPI dashboard provides key performance metrics for loan managers to understand the drivers of their loan and loan balance growth. It allows them to view trends over time for original loan amounts and outstanding loan balances. The dashboard provides data on institutions’ overall lending performance and detailed lending performance by branch, region, market, product type and each product to uncover growth opportunities and understand which products, team members and branches drive growth. The accompanying loan officer dashboard reveals performance information by team member and displays closed loans and principal amounts over time.

Marketing KPIs – This dashboard provides key performance indicators for marketers on campaign effectiveness to improve targeting and reduce account acquisition costs. It allows banks to target their institution’s marketing to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offer, making marketing operations more efficient and successful using a data-driven approach. Capabilities include:

  • Track campaign performance based on resulting deposits and new accounts
  • Understand the cost of customer acquisition by region, branch and product type
  • Evaluate account and balance growth by region, branch and product type
  • Understand the demographics of new accounts

Branch reassignment – The Branch Repurposing Dashboard provides key insights for business leaders to understand branch usage and changes over time based on a customer’s origin and activity. They can identify branch growth opportunities and areas where efficiency can be improved, and visualize branch usage to see customer banking habits. With this, banks can determine which products to market at a particular branch and more precisely target customers who may need that product.

“Daybreak Dashboards offer more than just reporting on the past. They connect relevant data points and use predictive analytics to create a picture revealing intelligent insights that help financial institutions build smarter business strategies,” said Kyle Davis, Daybreak Vice President, Aunalytics. “Designed to accelerate the value derived from AI-powered insights, Daybreak dashboards enable middle-market banks and credit unions to more clearly see the opportunities presented by their data and take action to increase revenue. net and advance their competitive position.”

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Aunalytics is a data platform company providing answers for your business. Named a Digital Innovator by analyst firm Intellyx and selected to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, Aunalytics provides Insights-as-a-Service to answer the most important IT and business questions for enterprises and midsize businesses. Aunalytics® The cloud-native data platform is designed for universal data access, advanced analytics and AI while unifying disparate data silos into a single golden record of accurate and actionable business insights. Its intelligent Daybreak™ data store, combined with the power of the Aunalytics data platform, provides industry-specific data models with built-in queries and AI to ensure access to accurate and timely data and answers critical business and IT issues. Through its side-by-side digital transformation model, Aunalytics provides scalable, on-demand access to technology, data science, and artificial intelligence experts to seamlessly transform client businesses. To learn more, contact us at +1 855-799-DATA or visit Aunalytics at or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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