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Bigger isn’t always better in the world of credit unions, according to Linda Curtis, CEO of Pearl District Federal Credit Union.

“When you call the credit union, you’re going to talk to someone. You don’t have all these prompts, wondering which one you’re going to get. Hit the wrong prompt and you never talk to anyone,” Curtis said.

LINDA CURTIS CEO of Pearl District Credit Union

She says Pearl District Federal Credit Union members aren’t just members, they’re like family.

“We always talk to our members and we know our members,” she said.

Curtis says generations of families come together.

“Now their children have children,” she added.

She says it is this relationship with members that allows the credit committee to meet financial needs.

“It’s really hard to tell people when you have a problem if you don’t know them and you don’t have this good relationship with them,” Curtis said.

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They help low-income residents improve their credit score so they can support their families.

“Some of them struggle a little more than others,” she said.

Located at 11th and Utica, Pearl District FCU is also involved in helping the community.

“We adopted the Kendall-Whittier school and asked our members to bring gifts for Christmas. We filled our hall with toys,” she said.

Membership is open to businesses and individuals in the Pearl District, and membership is only $5.

Businesses can also configure PDFCU benefits for their employees.

Pearl District FCU offers checks, direct deposits, drive-thru and debit cards, personal loans and car loans.

If you are in the market to purchase a vehicle, Pearl District FCU will provide members with a pre-approved dealership letter.

“We want to make sure we can serve them as best we can and provide them with the best possible interest rates, both on loans and on savings,” she said.

For your one-on-one service experience at the Pearl District FCU, stop by 1635 E. 11th St.

“We’ve all worked here for a long time,” she says. “The philosophy of our credit union is to serve our members. This is our goal.

For more information, visit or call 918-731-3728.

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