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Chapter [1]: Introduction
[1-1]: Foreword
Knight Rider 2000 was the first and only reunion movie of Knight Rider, and probably has the most uncomprehensive base on the Internet. Of course, that was until Knight Rider 2000 Online came along. In our efforts to bring you the most information possible on Knight Rider 2000, Knight Rider 2000 Online has compiled this FAQ to assist you with some of those quirks which have been bugging you, or just in case you want to re-live it again. We hope this FAQ will assist you greatly.

[1-2]: Adding to the FAQ
Nobody is perfect, and there might have been a few things that have been left out of this FAQ or something is inaccurate. If you find any errors, or know of something that is missing, please do not hesitate to email us and alert us to any additions you may have. We want to bring you the best and most complete information possible, and it is up to you the fans to help us out.

Chapter [2]: Movie Synopsis
It is the year 2000. Handguns have been banned from everyone, including the police. To save money and keep from adding to the nation's defecit, criminals are now cryogenically frozen. Police officers, once regarded as the finest, are now chasing down criminals with Ultrasound Handguns, which stun a criminal instead of injuring them or killing them. Black Market sales of illegal handguns are booming, and the city has nowhere else to turn, and is running scared, but will never admit that.

A failing Knight Foundation scores a 30 day deadline to complete their new super car, the Knight Industries Four Thousand. The task at hand will actually take twice as long as the deadline, so a very nervous Devon Miles, seeks help from an old friend.

Devon asks Michael Knight, who has now retired to the mountains and operates an unprofitable bass charter, to return for the 30 days to help them meet the contract. Michael finally agrees and tells Devon that he will return to the Foundation in only one condition.

The condition, of course, was for Michael to be reunited with his old partner, KITT. Both Devon and Michael are shocked when they learn that Russell Maddock, the senior VP, has dismantled KITT and recycled most of his parts to various sources. Maddock states that he never considered KITT as an asset, and with the Knight 4000 on the way to service, he deemed KITT was hardly worth the price of storage. Michael is visably angry and expresses his displeasure of what happened to KITT right in front of Devon. Maddock replyed to Michael saying that he is Michael's boss and needs to watch it from now on. Devon urges Maddock to repurchase the missing components.

Meanwhile, rookie cop, Shawn McCormick, stumbles onto a deadly secret within her own police force. She finds that some of her friends, including her partner, Kurt Miller, have sided with Thomas J. Watts, a former homicide detective who was sent to jail for fatally shooting a suspect with a banned handgun. When she confiscates a gun from a shooting where the mayor was killed, it sends everything into turmoil, and Watts decides to remove her from the equation and shoots her in the head.

At the hospital, the doctors read her RNA, but find out she has lost her most recent memory. Dr. Jeffrey Glassman talks to the police commissioner and presents the option that her life can be saved by performing a fragmentary cerebral transplant. The commissioner declines and tells the doctor that the city cannot afford it, thus telling the doctor to remove Shawn from life support. With his eyes only on his carreer, Glassman decides to perform the transplant anyway.

With a new outlook on how she was treated, Shawn quits the police force and turns to the Knight Foundation. She impresses them with her intelligence due to the memory chip implanted in her head. Michael comes in to tell them that he has located KITT's missing chip; it was sold to the RNA transfer center and ended up in "some policewoman's head." Shawn was hired immediately.

Michael and Shawn, and KITT, now must work together to stop the gun running. But they find more than what they bargained for when they discover that a conspiracy behind the gun sales slices right through the police department and centers around the office of the mayor.

Chapter [3]: Characters
Here is a list and a brief biography of the main characters from the movie.

[3-1] Michael Knight
In 1990, feeling that he lost his purpose and burnt out, Michael Knight retired from the Knight Foundation and ended up running a bass charter which proved anything but successful. He claims that the Michael Knight who worked at the Foundation was no longer him anymore, and he suspects that he is on his third life, fixing up his Chevy, and taking advantage of life, instead of life taking advantage of him. It didn't take a lot of work for Devon to convince him to return to the Foundation to help them out, but his main goal is to see KITT again, but he plans to leave as soon as the Knight 4000 is completed.

[3-2] Devon Miles
Devon is one of the very few remaining original people from the Knight Foundation. Now the CEO, he continues to work hard to keep Wilton Knight's dream alive, but he finds that it is costing more money than they have. Plus the fact that city politics have been stalling their progress for years. He always supported Wilton's dream, and always will, no matter how hard things get, he is determined to keep the dream alive.

[3-3] Shawn McCormick
A cop almost by nature, Shawn McCormick is strong willed, intelligent, always ready to assist people when needed and ready to take on the world. However, being a rookie cop, she has a lot more to learn about the streets and a whole lot more to learn about criminals and the way they operate. That deficiency almost cost Shawn her life. After she found out that the police commissioner ordered her to be taken off life support, she quit the police force and came to the Knight Foundation. It wasn't hard to impress them with her new found intelligence with the memory chip implanted in her brain. She almost failed to get hired, but when they discovered that the chip in her brain belonged to KITT, she was hired immediately.

[3-4] The Knight Industries Two Thousand
KITT was once regarded as the car of the future, but as time moved on, he became more and more obsolete, and was finally deactivated in 1990 and mothballed. A few years later, he was dismantled by Russell Maddock, who saw that KITT was no longer an asset, and not even worth the price of storage. When Michael reactivated him, KITT was very angry at the way he was treated, and it seemed like he developed a brand new attitude and was more peevish than before. He is not afraid to voice his opinions or even lose his temper.

[3-5] Russell Maddock
Russell Maddock was a former District Attorney who was number one. He had a 95.4 percent conviction rate, and it seemed to all go to his head. He was hired by Devon to help breathe new life into the Knight Foundation. Since he was the man responsible for creating the Knight 4000, he decided that it should be his voice patterns for which the new car used. Maddock has an extremely large ego, and, much like KITT, he is not afraid to lose his temper or give his opinions, even to those who didn't ask for it. However, with his creation of the Knight 4000, he saved the Knight Foundation, and is running it very efficently, despite the fact that Devon is the CEO.

[3-6] Kurt Miller
Kurt is a top cop in the city's force and was Shawn's partner when she was still a police officer. Kurt expressed compassion, to everyone he interacted with, and was not afraid to defend what he thought was right, or to defend a close friend. He got caught up in the gun running scam with other police officers because he thought that the banning of handguns was wrong, and he was sick and tired of criminals now out-gunning the law.

[3-7] Thomas J Watts
Once a former homicide detective, Watts was sent to prision after he shot and killed a suspect with a banned handgun. He was paroled early by alleged order of the mayor. Like Kurt, he felt that the banned handguns were wrong, but instead of fighting for it, he decided to profit from it, and he opened up a new section on the Black Market where he would sell the stolen handguns which were supposed to have been melted down. He enjoys tension almost as if it were a turn on for him, and often loses his temper and yells when things do not go his way.

Chapter [4]: The Knight 4000
When the producers of Knight Rider 2000 went to General Motors and asked for permission to use the Pontiac Banshee Concept Car for the Knight 4000, GM declined, saying that if the movie turned into the series, they would be once again swamped by requests for the "Knight 4000 Car." So the producers turned to Jay Ohrberg Star Cars Inc. for help. Ohrberg and his staff constructed a car which resembled the Banshee on top of a 1991 Dodge Stealth. More information is available Here.

[4-1]: Technical information
Most of what the Knight 4000 can do is still unknown. However, it has displayed some systems during the movie which can be explained here.

Thermal Expander This feature was a tool which could lock on to any object and use head to expand it, this exploding the object.

Voice Sampler Similar to the Knight 2000's Aharmonic Synthesizer, this device could simulate any voice which has been recorded into the Knight 4000's memory.

Hydrofoil The Hydrofoil enables the Knight 4000 to float on water, similar to the system KITT used in the original series episdoe "Return to Cadiz," except for the fact that the Knight 4000 actually floats on water, rather than hydroplaning on it.

Remote Target Assist This allows the Knight 4000 to help its pilot aim and fire at an object with complete and perfect accuracy.

Infared Scanner The Infared Scanner is a device where the Knight 4000 can scan on an Infared level, which would identify laser scope rifles as well as hidden objects giving off heat.

Aroma Monitor This system is similar to the Knight 2000's Olfactory Scan, but is much more complex.

Virtual Reality The most intricate feature on the Knight 4000. VR Mode allows the pilot and the occupants to see everything in front of them in Virtual Reality, which enables for better accuracy as well better handling.

Chapter [5]: The failed series
Knight Rider 2000 was intended to serve as a pilot for a TV series or a series of TV movies featuring the adventures of Shawn McCormick, KITT, and Russell Maddock. Although the movie was the highest rated movie-of-the-week for the week of May 19, 1991, ratings didn't fly with NBC and the plans for a series was scrapped, leaving the viewers wanting more, but getting nothing. Knight Rider 2000 was offically dead, and the stars moved on to other projects.

Chapter [6]: Knight Rider 2010 and Team Knight Rider
In 1994, Universal's Action Pack released a TV Movie named Knight Rider 2010. Fans thought this would be a sequel to Knight Rider 2000. Instead, it was more like a Mad Max movie where there was no mention of KITT, or anything that was true Knight Rider. The producers explaination for naming it KR2010 was that it was loosely based on the series.

Universal's Action Pack tried again in 1997 with Team Knight Rider. Viewers were confused as to if TKR took place before Knight Rider 2000 or after. The producers explained that TKR did not exist in the KR2K timeline, and basically, they just regarded KR2K as non-canon and decided to start over instead of continue.

Chapter [7]: Merchandise
There was not much merchandise produced for Knight Rider 2000. If you look at it, only one item was, a Knight 4000 model. However, recently, Knight Rider 2000 has been released for home video sale in the United Kingdom and other countries. A home video market for Knight Rider 2000 has not come to the US yet.

[7-1] Models
AMT/Ertl made a model of the Knight 4000 in 1991 when the movie came out. The model is now discontinued from sales, but some models, mint in sealed box (MISB) or opened have been sold on eBay.

[7-2] Videos
Knight Rider 2000 was marketed for home video release in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Chapter [8]: Knight Rider 2000 Internet Resources
Here you can find other places which have some information on Knight Rider 2000

[8-1] USENet Knight Rider Newsgroup
The newsgroup is still active today. Most discussions range from technical questions or statements about KITT and the original series, or TKR, but some questions or discussions about Knight Rider 2000 pop up.

[8-2] WWWBoard
This is probably your best bet for anything Knight Rider related, the Knight Rider Online WWWBoard.

[8-3] Web Pages
The following webpages have been confirmed as currently active.

The following are pages which contain Knight Rider 2000 info on them:

If you want your page added on here (or removed) email me.

Chapter [9]: Miscellaneous
This section includes topics which didn't fit under anything else above and was added to this spot.

[9-1] Cast and Credits
First broadcast: May 19, 1991, NBC, 9pm-11pm EST.

Cast and Credits:

Michael Knight........................ David Hasselhoff
Devon Miles........................... Edward Mulhare
Shawn McCormick....................... Susan Norman
Russell Maddock....................... Carmen Argenziano
Kurt Miller........................... Eugene Clark
Marla Hedges.......................... Megan Butler
Thomas J. Watts....................... Mitch Pileggi
Commissioner Ruth Daniels............. Christine Healy
Deputy Mayor Harold Abbey............. Lou Beatty, Jr.
Justin Strand......................... John Cannon Nichols
Dr. Jeffrey Glassman.................. Francis Guinan
Voice of K.I.T.T...................... William Daniels
Executive Producer.................... Michele Goldman Brustin
Produced by........................... Charles E. Sellier
Written by............................ Rob Hedden
Directed by........................... Alan J. Levi

[9-2] The Movie's Narrated Prologue
The intro to the movie is as follows:

For four years they rode together...
A man who does not exist and a car unlike any other...
Now in the year 2000, they're together again!
The future is here! And it's in big trouble!
Your first adventure of the 21st Century is coming tonight!
And now, Knight Rider 2000, the motion picture!

This FAQ was created by Scott G. Kirkessner on August 11, 2000. It serves only as a resource for those who have sought it out. This FAQ is not to be copied or sold in any way.

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