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Welcome to Knight Rider 2000 Online!
Established in 1998, this website has been dedicated to educating and informing fans and non-fans alike about the NBC TeleFilm, Knight Rider 2000, released May 19, 1991.
Here you will find exclusive information such as behind-the-scenes pictures and stories, promotional information, an FAQ, and an award-winning fan fiction series continuing the adventures in the 21st Century.
Knight Rider 2000 Online is your one-stop-internet-shop for everything you wanted to know about the movie. Your journey into a new shadowly flight begins at the Navigation Bar to your left.

Updates: Stay tuned to this section of the site for up-to-date information about the website.

[ 12.06.06 ] A NEW fan-fiction story! Kinda. Get ready to ride again with the brand new DIRECTOR'S CUT of Eclipse of the Knight : Reborn. Check it out here!.

[ 10.25.05 ] A NEW fan-fiction story! Yes really! But be warned... this isn't your everyday Knight Rider. Get ready to ride with a brand new fan fiction series that restarts the Knight Rider franchise. Your wait is finally over... Knight Rider : Reborn.

[ 09.23.05 ] Wow, an update finally! So here's the deal... Knight Rider 2000: The Fan Fiction Series has run its course. It was a short but amazing run with an explosive series finale, X Marks The Spot that may leave you on a partial cliff-hanger but sums up the action rather nicely. From The Stars has been reclassified as a non-canon story that is not a part of the KR2K:FFS timeline.

[ 09.23.05 ] Are you still craving more fan fiction? Don't fret, a new fan fiction project is in process that may be of some excitement and satisfaction to readers!

[ 09.23.05 ] Click here for the Knight Rider 2000 Online Winter Preview. New promotional pictures, articles, and even some videos have been discovered after a careful scouring of the web. These will be integrated into the website shortly, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy a tease of what's to come.
*Many of these updates have been provided by Natalie from David Hasselhoff Online! Please visit her website!

[ 09.23.05 ] Yes I know we have been teasing this for awhile, but the Knight 4000 was sold on eBay, bought by a fan and restored by Jay Ohrberg himself. We will be working on collecting information for a section in the near future.

[ 09.23.05 ] Screen-grabbing software has been obtained to finally provide quality pictures from Knight Rider 2000. Please stay tuned for picture galleries coming soon!

[ 09.23.05 ] The Awards Page has been updated with recent Edwards wins.
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